Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break. Part 1.

Brady is on spring break!

He kicked it off on Friday afternoon (Grandpa's birthday) by coming home from school with a fever. After a relaxing weekend at home with Daddy and his brothers, though, he was feeling much better come Monday morning.

Since this is his first real spring break (the one from preschool didn't really count, since he only went every other day), I decided to try hard to make everyday count.

On Monday, we met Laura, Katie, and Addy at the Shoreview Community Center for some indoor water fun, an indoor playground, and our first, dare I say "picnic." After some much needed rests for the little boys, and some much needed video games for Brady, we did a relaxing bath time.

. Marshall LOVED the slides! He couldn't get enough. Bath Time! (yes, I know my tub looks dirty, but it's really not as bad as it looks :).

Then, on Tuesday, we headed up to Blaine to pick up Laura, and then up to Ham Lake to spend the day with Katie and Addy, and Amanda, Ainsley, and Thaddeus. It was so fun to have all 6 of the little ones together playing. The babies survived well without naps, and the older kiddos played well together too. Amanda was kind enough to cook us some really tasty soup and bring along some great bread too. Katie brought fresh fruit and Laura brought cookies, so the meal turned out great!!
Then, today we did our usual Bible Study Fellowship in Eagan. The boys always have a great time in their classes, and I really enjoy the women in my group as well. We had a great morning of singing hymns, praying, and learning about the book of Isaiah, with a particular focus on Jesus' suffering on the cross---how very fitting for Easter. As we ate lunch today, I listened to Brady talk about what Jesus endured on the cross, and I was completely blown away by the knowledge he has about it. What an incredible blessing it is to me to hear Brady tell me he wants Jesus to be in his little heart!! + The spring break fun hasn't ended here.

We have 2 more days of plans coming up, and then who knows what the weekend will hold.

Stay tuned....


Katie said...

So much fun. Such a blessing to be able to hang with family!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! And the pictures turned out so cute!
I love that Brady is enjoying his BSF so awesome to hear that he has an interest in spiritual things.