Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Tooth Fell Out!

I remember the day we first noticed this exact tooth appear. It was 5 years 1 month ago!
On Monday night, at the dinner table, Brady pulled it out all by himself.
It had been loose for 2 months, and his gums were starting to get really irritated around it.
Brady finally had a chance to try out his tooth fairy pillow that Grandma made for him about 5 years ago :).
In the same way we haven chosen not to teach our children about Santa, we explained the story behind the tooth fairy, placed the tooth in the pillow, and Brady woke to a surprise. Even though he knew it was Daddy who placed the money in the pillow, He was still overjoyed to receive it!


Anonymous said...

First off, I LOVE that you tell your kids the truth. I'm not a fan of the santa and tooth fairy myths myself. :)
Second...CONGRATULATIONS BRADY! I remember the day you called to tell me that tooth was coming in too. It almost brings me to tears thinking that he is old enough to already be losing it! They grow up so fast!

Katie said...

Congrats Brady!!! How fun, the first tooth to fall out!! Excited for those days to come!!! YEAH BRADY!