Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day this year.
We did.

We spent the day with Auntie Laura, Cousin Katie and Addy, and Great Grandma and Grandpa.

Here are some of our red and pink pictures :).

Pink, heart-shaped pancakes for dinner.

Classic Brady smile :)

Big boy standing up.

Peter's luck came through once again this year too, as he won a stuffed bear and some chocolates for me, by correctly guessing how many heart-shaped candies were in a jar.


Anonymous said...

So cute! I love the picture of Marshall looking up at Brady.

Katie said...

Super cute!!! Also.. awesome pancakes.. how did you do that?

Molly said...

Just a cookie cutter and a few drops of red food coloring :).