Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quick Hello

I am tired.

We had a great weekend and I hate seeing it end so quickly.

I don't have pictures to post today (well, actually I do, but they are still in the camera). I also don't have much energy to write a blog post.

So, for a few quick updates, this is what's been keeping us busy this weekend.

- Thursday we watched Brady play his second to last t-ball game. He was more than energetic, hitting the ball into the outfield, and chasing balls on the ground.

- On Friday, Peter had a friend from work over for a little computer gaming.

- Saturday, Peter and I took all 3 boys to the bowling alley for the "kids bowl free" program. Brady and Logan had a blast bowling with Daddy (pictures to come). Then, we had our 33rd picnic, and then headed to the water park in Burnsville. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!!

-And, today, we started the day at church (the best way to start a Sunday). Then, Brady and I made a quick run to the store, Peter and I made up 2 pans of lasagna, and then all 5 of us drove some dinner over to Peter's dad. Peter's dad had a total hip replacement last week and just came home from the hospital yesterday.

That's all for now.

We're looking forward to another gorgeous week of summer
I can't believe that Brady will be starting school in just 5 short weeks. I am not ready.


Jason said...

What can I do to get some lasagna delivered to me?

Molly said...

Well, if you lived a little closer....

Katie said...

I think Molly should move closer!

Anonymous said...

Amen! :)