Sunday, July 4, 2010

Picnics 16-20

We're moving right along with our picnics this summer. We've currently had 21 picnics and I'm hoping to get in some more later this week, when the weather gets great again.

Here's where we've been picnicking lately.

Picnic #16

Sunday, June 20. In our front yard. We had little sandwiches--PB&J, fried egg, and grilled cheese.

Picnic #17

June 22. At Kelley Park in Apple Valley (the same park with the water activities). We ate leftover pizza from Logan's night at Chuck E. Cheese.

Picnic #18

June 24. At Rambling River Park in Farmington. It was a very hot day, and we ended up leaving early to go home to swim in our pool at home.

Picnic #19

June 24, our second picnic of the day. At Hill Dee Park in Farmington. This is the park where Brady plays T-ball and this was our dinner picnic before his game.

Picnic #20

June 30. At Meadowview Park in Farmington. Brady loved the rock climbing wall at this park!

We are thoroughly enjoying eating outside this summer and we're hoping to make it picnic #40 by the end of the summer! Who knows, maybe we'll make it farther.

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Anonymous said...

While I'm taking issue with the sun for burning me the other day ;), I do love picnics! Here's hoping you can make 40 - and maybe even 50!