Monday, June 21, 2010

Picnics 11-15

The weather has been a bit rough for picnics lately, but we've finally managed to make it to picnic number 16 yesterday.

Here's a recap of our latest picnics.

Picnic #11

Pine Knoll Park in Farmington. May 27. The playground was nice and shady here.

Picnic #12

Memorial Day, May 31. North Creek Park in Lakeville, just out of Farmington. This is one of our favorites from last year too!

Picnic #13

June 3. Como Zoo with cousin Katie and baby Addy. This was the opening day for the new polar bear exhibit and it was so busy! Beautiful day, though.

Picnic #14

June 19. We were getting a little desperate at this point:). With rain for the past 2 weeks, we decided to do an indoor picnic this time. It wasn't quite the same, but none-the-less, we counted it as a picnic.

Picnic #15

June 20. This was a split picnic. Since the boys were separated, Logan and Mommy had our picnic in the front yard, while Brady and Daddy had their picnic at Back to the 50's with Uncle Mark (they were suppose to get a picture, but forgot). Logan ate a sandwich and some fruit, while Brady had a pronto pup and a malt.

We have already completed picnic #16, and I'm hoping that getting to #20 doesn't take as long as getting to #15 did! Bring on the warmer weather!!

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