Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

As everyone knows already, yesterday was Mother's Day.
This was the first Mother's Day in the past 3 years that I haven't worked, so that was quite refreshing. I think from now on, I'll plan my work schedule around it.

Yesterday was a great day! First of all, it was great because I got to see my own mom. We weren't really planning on it, but my parents decided last minute to come down to our church. A little birdy (possibly Auntie Laura) had told them that Brady was going to be singing up front this week.

We tried to arrange a way to see my mother-in-law too, but she had to work and also was feeling under the weather this weekend. I think she's planning on coming down to our place some night this week for some dinner and a belated Mother's day celebration. It should be fun.

As for me, this was my 6th Mother's Day so far (the first one was in 2005 when I was pregnant with Brady).

These are the special "gifts" I received this year:
- Homemade gifts from Brady and Logan. Brady made a special hand print tile in preschool and both boys made gifts for me in Sunday school at church yesterday.
- Watching Brady and his preschool Sunday school class sing a special Mother's Day song up front in church
- A great sermon at church with my parents, Laura, Peter, and Marshall sitting along side of me.
- A wonderful lunch out with my family.
- A much needed afternoon nap while Logan and Marshall also napped and Peter and Brady got groceries (an added bonus).
- A chocolate Bavarian donut from the above mentioned grocery trip.
- Watching Peter give the boys a much needed bath at bedtime.
-And finally, an early bedtime for me as well (it was quite a crazy week last week--with Logan sick, and then getting a new bed...).

Here are a few pictures of what Mother's Day looked like for me.

Brady's tile hand print from preschool.

Homemade Mother's Day card from preschool

Inside of the card.

Brady's Sunday school project.

Logan's Sunday school project.

Mommy and her beautiful boys on Mother's Day.
(Brady still hasn't learned how to smile for a picture) :).
I hope all of you other moms had a great day too!


RadleyAlexander said...

That is an adorable picture!!!

Dad said...

We have a framed picture of your handprint that still does a number on me everytime I see it.

Molly said...

Yes, the poem that was sent home with Logan was a little touching :).
There is also a little note on the back of the handprint tile.

His hands have already grown so much!