Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It recently came to my attention that Brady has his first imaginary friend.

Yesterday afternoon, while running a bath for the boys, Brady and I had the following conversation:

Brady: "Mama, you sure have to go potty a lot lately."
Me: "Well yes, having this baby in my tummy makes me have to go more often."
Brady: "Franklin (Brady's stuffed bear blanket) has a baby in his tummy too."
Me: "Well Brady, only girls can have babies in their tummies, right?"
Brady: "Yes, I know, I said that my friend Mousey had a baby in her tummy."
Me: "Who is Mousey?"
Brady: "Mousey is my little mouse."
Me: "Why don't you go and get Mousey for me to see."
Brady: "Ok." (and then he quickly scurried off to his room).

Seconds later, he returned with nothing visible in his hands, but he was clearly holding them apart, as if he were holding something rather large.

Me: "Is that Mousey?"
Brady: "Yes, this is Mousey in her suitcase."
Me: "Oh, I see, you have such a great imagination!"
Brady: "Yes, I got Mousey at Wal-mart. She came in this suitcase."
Brady: "I got her on sale. It was buy 3 for $5."

I love the way the mind of a 4 year old works :).
I also love the way that, when clothes are removed from 4 year olds and 2 year olds, they can't seem to resist from jumping up and down wildly and yelling "I'm naked!"


Katie said...

That was great Molly! I laughed really loud when I read this! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Molly said...

I'm excited for tomorrow too!
Make sure you come hungry :).

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

Grandpa said...

I can't wait to meet Mousey!

Molly said...

Maybe Brady will bring him along today.

Katie said...

buy 3 for $5? Oh my word?!!! I just started laughing hysterically in my bedroom. Those boys are incredibly intelligent. I'm excited to learn what they do as they grow; the activities they excel at and whatnot. Maybe Brady will be a retail expert. !!!