Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Fun

Before our bitter stretch of winter weather began last week, Brady had a chance to enjoy some snow and some ice skating.
Last Wednesday, Dec. 30, Brady played around just a little on our sidewalk while Peter shoveled snow and changed the windshield wipers on our van. He definitely should have been wearing his snow pants, but I didn't think he'd stay out as long as he did.

Then, the next day, on New Year's Eve, Brady enjoyed some indoor skating with Uncle Jason, Daddy, and Auntie Laura at the National Sports Center in Blaine. Mommy came with to take the pictures, and Logan stayed back with Uncle Jason's mommy to play with cars and eat his lunch.
It was super cold in the rink, but Brady braved it and skated for an hour!

Then, after ice skating, we took just Brady to the Space Aliens restaurant, where he played arcade games and Uncle Jason won him 3 stuffed, green space aliens!
On our way back to pick up Logan, we were in a minor car accident (it was the highlight of Brady's day). We were rear-ended while waiting at a red light. Luckily no one was hurt, not even our van :). We have one small scratch on the rear bumper and we'll probably have it looked at later this week, but this was definitely the "best" (if there is such a thing) car accident that I've been in. The other 3 all caused much more major damage to my car.
This was also our unborn baby's first accident. You might remember that I was in an accident while 6 months pregnant with Brady (and that time my car was a complete loss). Logan remains our only family member to have never been involved in a car accident. Hopefully we'll keep it that way for him :).

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I love the new picture on top of your blog. So cute!!!!
I need to get some pictures up on mine.