Monday, December 14, 2009

Logan's Photo Shoot

Here's a little sample of Logan's 2 1/2 year pictures from last Friday.
There were TONS more, but these are some of my favorites!

I just love having pictures of my boys at each age and stage. These are such precious memories for us!
Also, JCPenney has great deals. We got our entire package of photos (which was plenty for everyone we like to share with) for only $8.99! You sure can't beat those kinds of prices for this kind of quality.

Which is your favorite?
I have more to share about an entirely different topic later, but I've got to get downstairs to wait for the repair guy now :).


Anonymous said...

What a handsome little bear! :)
I'm intrigued about the new topic. :)

Katie said...

so adorable!! I hope I get some of these pictures!!!

Molly said...

Yes, pictures are coming. I can't pick them up until Sunday, though.

I also have cute pics of Brady, but they were not available online.