Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Girls and Bellies

I had a great time out with the girls last night! We enjoyed Chipotle for dinner and a nice, long chat afterward.
I also had a fun, but brief chat with my Grandparents right before our girls night! Grams and Gramps computer decided it had enough last week. Not completely surprising, since Peter built that computer about 7 years ago with used parts from the computer lab at Hamline, but it's still hard to lose your computer. Luckily, Laura and Jason were just thinking about getting rid of their desktop computer, so we brought that our to Grams and Gramps last night. Now to figure out the internet for them.... I'm hoping my dad made some progress on that aspect after we left.

The night would not have been complete without some baby belly pictures, so here they are.

Here are our baby bellies at 17 weeks along!
Just 2 more weeks for Katie and 3 more weeks for me until we get to find out whether are babies are boys or girls. Yay!

Thanks for the great night out girls, and thanks also to Uncle Jason and Daddy for cooridinating the care for the boys.


Anonymous said...

Loving the belly pics!

Katie said...

Awesome!!!! I want this picture!!! you should send to my gmail....so I can post on my facebook....