Friday, September 25, 2009

Scattered Friday

I am feeling very scattered in my thoughts and activities today...sorry in advance.

I have many ideas for future blog topics, but I just can't seem to get myself to take the time to actually put them into writing just yet.

So for today.

Happy, Happy 80th Birthday Grandma Betty (yes, I know it was yesterday). I am so excited to celebrate with you tomorrow!

The first 2 lessons of my bible study were great! Jumping back into bible study each fall always reminds me of how important it is to spend time alone with God. I am so excited to learn and grow in God's word this fall.

With only one day until the birthday party and only 6 days until Florida, I am finding myself very busy today. This afternoon will be filled with making sloppy joes and baked beans, running to the store for more hamburger buns (in the rain, with 2 kids--fun stuff), and then heading up to Laura and Jason's to drop off the food for tomorrow (since they will be delivering the food to the party for me). I also have to find some time to grab out clothes for the boys to wear tomorrow and get Logan's stuff set for his nap tomorrow. It'll be a busy day, but I love to be busy doing this kind of fun stuff.

Then, next week will be filled with getting groceries, cleaning the house, packing for our trip, and preparing our wonderful babysitters for their job here, at our house. I can't believe we are actually getting so close to going to Florida! It was 6 months ago that we planned this trip and it doesn't feel like it could possibly be happening, for real! I'm so excited!

I better get back to my scattered day now so I don't forget about anything important.
Also, it's almost time to pick Brady up from preschool.

Happy Birthday, Grandma! Sorry for the 3 year old picture, but I've always liked this one.

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