Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick Update # 2

Here's the scoop:

Monday's doctor visit went great! I spent 4 hours at the clinic. I had 2 appointments and then stayed to find out how my cousin Katie's appointment went as well.
Since my mom was working, she got to come in to hear the baby's heartbeat with me for the first time. Everything sounded great! I even got the ok to skip a few of my upcoming visits, since this is my third pregnancy and things are going so well. Also because we live so far from the clinic. I really doubt that I'll be skipping any appointments, though. I love hearing that little heart beat so much!

Brady and Logan got attacked by mosquitoes at my parents house on Monday. They must taste really sweet, because they were barely even outside. Brady now has one swollen ankle and foot and one swollen calf. They look horrible, but this is not the first time it has happened. It should be better soon. Logan has a big, red bump on his shin and a nice fever to go along with it.
Both boys are acting completely normal, however, and doing just great. It's nothing a little Tylenol and anti-itch creme can't solve.

Peter's work has finally calmed down just a bit and he is planning on taking Friday off work again (hopefully this time he won't end up working anyways). He is going to be making up his famous hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes for dinner, followed by his favorite game night with Brady and I. On Saturday, Peter is also going to be brave enough to bring the boys along to the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul for his tux fitting for his friend's upcoming wedding. Should be interesting!!

As for me, I have to work this weekend and then I am off until late October. That makes it so much easier to go! I am getting excited for Florida, but trying to enjoy our wonderful summer-like weather here as well.

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