Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Wow, it's been a long time since I last posted on here. I am becoming one of those bloggers that I dislike so much :). I guess I'll have to blame it on a busy weekend of almost selling our car, fixing our slow computer, working both days, and dealing with a sick Logan.

But for today, I want to say Happy Birthday to two very special people. Today is Uncle Jason's birthday (I won't say how old), and Grandma's birthday too (I won't give her age away either). Let me just say that they are both getting older :).

I am happy to report that both Jason and my mom are doing things they love today for their birthdays. Laura and Jason took this week off work to relax and make plans as they feel like it. It looks like a gorgeous week, so hopefully they'll be able to pack it as full as they'd like (or just stay home and relax, if they'd like).

This is quite the variety of pictures, but it's the best I could do. It seems that every picture I have of Jason, he is either with Laura or one of my children...imagine that!

My mom and dad are just starting their 16 day vacation. When I spoke with them last night, they were attempting to find a campground on some dark, country roads in Indiana. They were laughing hysterically, and had pulled safely into the campground when I let them go. They will not be returning home until Oct. 3!

Happy Birthday Mom and Jason! We love you both so much and hope you're having a great time on your vacations!!


Anonymous said...

Those are some good pictures! :)
Jason is enjoying his birthday very much...sitting on our bums and playing AC right now.

Jason said...

Who's that ugly dude on there?

Molly said...

Oh, stop it. You're not ugly (and I sure hope you're not calling my mom an ugly dude :).