Friday, August 7, 2009

My Husband

Since I started this blog to talk about my family, I thought I'd write a post about each family member. Today I'll start with my husband, Peter.

Growing Up:
Peter has lived in several different cities, since his family moved quite often.

Here's a brief rundown.
Inver Grove Heights, MN--birth-3rd grade
Coon Rapids, MN--part of 4th grade
Danbury, WI--4th grade-5th grade
Two Harbors, MN--6th grade-8th grade
East Bethel, MN--9th grade-12th grade
St. Paul, MN--College
Eagan, MN--First 3 years of marriage
Farmington, MN--since 2006

Peter went to high school at St. Francis High School in St. Francis, MN. While there, he made many friends (like he always seems to do) and has managed to keep in touch with many of them still. He also played basketball, ran track and field, and cross country. He was an excellent student and received 3 academic scholarships to college.

The college Peter chose to attend was Hamline University. This is the same college that his sister attended and this school had a great running program as well. While in college, Peter played intramural basketball, ran cross country, and ran track and field. He also continued to get excellent grades and graduated in 2004 with a double major of Mathematics and Economics.

Peter has always had a love of sports. He's played basketball, baseball, flag football, floor hockey, cross country running, and track and field.

Basketball was one of the first sports that Peter has a passion for. He began playing in 6th grade and still plays today. He played on the varsity team in high school for 3 years as a center and his team went to the State tournament 2 years in a row! More recently, he plays for the Eagan community league with some co-workers and some friends.

Track and Field has been an interest to Peter since 8th grade, when he was a sprinter and a long jumper. In 10th grade, he switched events to the 4x400m, 4x800m, 800m, 1600m, long jump, and triple jump. In 11th grade, he won all-conference honorable mention, and in 12th grade, he won academic all-conference and all-conference honors. In college, Peter ran both indoor and outdoor track. His events were the 4x400m, 800m, 4x800m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m, and 5000m. He also earned all-conference honorable mention in college.

Cross Country was another important sport which Peter became interested in during 11th grade. He was even made the captain of the high school team in 12th grade. He continued his journey with cross country in college, where he won the most improved award. He ran the NCAA Div. III national cross country meet where he posted his personal best time in his second year of college.

(Summer 2005) ----- (Como Relays 8-5-09)

A casusal, 7 mile run in WI

Peter is also continuing with his running today. In fact, just last night he ran a relay race near Como Zoo. He also ran a road race in Rosemount this summer and placed 4th in his age group.


K-mart is the place where Peter's job history begins. It's also the place where he met me (good thing he took that job! ). The next job he had was at Holiday gas station, followed by some on-campus work study jobs at Hamline.

Peter's first "real, post-college" job was at Thomson Reuters, in Eagan, MN, where he still works today. He's been there for 5 years now and his job title is Senior Software Engineer. He enjoys his job there and also likes that it is not far from home.


Peter and I met in 1998 at K-mart, got engaged in the summer of 2000, and got married on June 7, 2003. Our first son, Brady, was born in June of 2005. We bought our townhome in Farmington in 2006, and then our second son, Logan was born in June of 2007. Peter and I just found out a couple of weeks ago that we are expecting our third child next March.

Peter is a great daddy and really enjoys the time he spends with his children. He even attended a class at our church called "Dads of Destiny" where he learned how to be a more Godly father to his children. He loves to play basketball and tee ball with his boys, and he also spends time reading to them every night before bed. Peter does a great job of helping out with household tasks and he's even great in the kitchen!

Here he is on June 15, 2005 with his firstborn.

August 2007, reading to his boys.

Reading once again, in 2009.

There's so much more to say, but I think I'll leave it at that for now.
I feel very blessed to have such a great husband and for my children to have such a great daddy.
There's no better husband than one who loves the Lord first and his family second.

Sorry for the long post (if you're still reading, that is). You can't blame me for wanting to brag a little about my husband, can you? After all, I do think he's the best!

Next up...a little about myself.

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Sounds like quite a guy! I think you should keep him around. :)