Monday, November 12, 2012

Being Indoors

I am so thankful for my boys and the time I get to spend with them

It was hard to tell on Saturday, when the boys were wearing shorts and playing football outside, but winter is soon approaching--and it came along this morning, in fact. Brady was thrilled to see the snow, until he stood at the bus stop for 10 minutes and came running back home to warm up.

I love to play with my boys, and thanks to this great house that we are currently calling home, I have lots of space to make that happen. We play games and do puzzles and read books upstairs, we draw and do art at the kitchen table, and we have a huge basement with lots of room to run, play with toys, do more crafty projects and puzzles, and even play soccer with a real goal.

It's great--but I miss being outside this time of year.
Sure we do go out from time to time, but putting coats on everyone and then coming back in after 15 minutes is hardly my idea of fun. I miss putting out the pools in the morning, taking walks to the parks, and especially our picnics. This time of year is just not the same for me.

Sometimes the days get really long.  I think I have read every book in our bookshelf at least twice in the past week (and we have lots of books in that shelf).

Since starring at the TV and playing video games all day is no good, we've been finding other ways to fill our mornings.
Last week we pulled out the Legos--Marshall loved them almost as much as he loves the Mega Blocks. Logan had a great time too--building houses, swords, and airplanes.
Today we worked together to decorate a turkey picture for Logan's class. We all did some finger painting and then Logan used markers and crayons to finish it off. Marshall was busy "painting" his paint-with-water pictures.

I considered gathering up some snow to bring inside, but we ran out of time and now it's mostly gone.
Maybe next time we'll have to do that, because let's face it--a lot more snow is bound to fall and soon :).

Hope you are enjoying the fall too!

I didn't have any really recent pictures of Brady, but don't worry, he gets in on lots of our fun too--in the afternoons. Today he played with Logan in the basement for over an hour. Lots of energy was spent down there :).


Katie said...

Fun!!!! what kind of paint do you use for finger painting? I will have to try that with Addy.

Molly said...

I just used poster paint and it worked great. We washed our hands immediately after :).

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! They are such creative kids!!