Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Swimming at the Resort

Post number 2 from our trip....
Swimming at the resort, in pictures.

At the resort we stay at, there are 7 pools, so naturally, we had to visit many of them.
Enjoy the pictures.

Mommy and Marshall at the kiddie pool.

Daddy and Marshall coming down the water slide. Brady and Logan couldn't get enough of this one either :).

The group standing in front of the lazy river.

Mommy and her boys in a hammock.

Floating on the lazy river with Logan.

Brady on the big water slide. He was the only kid tall enough to ride in our family.

Daddy and Marshall near the hot tub.

Jumping in the pool together at dusk.

Sitting on the steps of the hot tub.


Katie said...

Wow! The resort looks great! I miss summer already...for the swimming for sure!

Anonymous said...

Looks like 3 little munchkins had a BLAST swimming!!!