Friday, August 24, 2012

Picnics 37-54

FYI. I am sorry this post is so messed up. I didn't have it in me to try to fix all of the color errors and spacing issues.

Since I have been slow to get our picnic pictures up on the blog, I'll do my best to remember when and where they happened :).

Picnic #37

July 9th at Crystal Lake Beach in Burnsville.

Picnic #38

July 10. On our deck at home.
Picnic #39

July 16. At Pine Knoll Park in Farmington.
Picnic #40

July 18. In our garage, after Storytime in the park got rainy.
Picnic #41

July 21. At a Nebraska rest stop.

Picnic #42
July 22. At a park in Utah. Sorry, we forgot to snap the picture of this one. We were in a hurry to eat our Arby's before making it to Las Vegas that evening.
Picnic #43

July 28. In Parachute, CO. On our way home from Las Vegas.
Picnic #44

Aug. 1. On our deck, once again.
Picnic #45
Aug. 5. At Stoney Creek Campground. I don't have a picture of this one, but I think my dad might?
Picnic #46

Aug. 6. On our deck at home.
Picnic #47

Aug. 8. At Lakeville East Community Park. It was actually cool this day.
Picnic #48

Aug. 10. At the MN zoo.
Picnic #49
Aug. 13. At Meadowview Park in Farmington, after a long walk with Daddy. This picture is still in Daddy's phone.
Picnic #50

Aug. 14. At home, on the deck again.
Picnic #51

Aug. 17. At Dakota Estates Park in Farmington.
Picnic #52

Aug. 21. At Rambling River Park in Farmington.
Picnic #53

Aug. 22. At Grandma and Grandpa's in the backyard.
Picnic #54

Aug. 24. At Lake Julia Park in Farmington. We fed the ducks our sandwich crusts when we were done.

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