Monday, June 18, 2012

Picnics 11-20

Here is our next group on picnics. Even though I have been behind on blogging, we are still indeed having picnic after picnic this year.

Picnic #11

May 13. At East Community Park in Lakeville with Daddy (since Mommy was at work).

Picnic #12

May 16. In the backyard at home. Logan accidentally stepped right in Brady's food before the picture :). Oops.

Picnic #13

May 21. On our deck at home. This picnic was just Logan and Marshall, but I counted it since I had one with just Brady as well (coming up).

May 24. At Como Zoo on Brady's school field trip. Picnic with Brady and his friend Dawson. Rainy, but fun day!

Picnic #14

May 25, on Daddy's 30th birthday, at Daddy's work. We came to have lunch with Daddy and surprised him by bringing Brady and a cupcake with us.

Picnic #15

June 2. At Como Zoo. It was very busy this day, due to the TPT kid's day event, so we ate near Sparky :).

Picnic #16

June 2. This was our 2nd picnic of the day, in our backyard, with a campfire and s'mores!

Picnic #17

June 3. At a cute little park in Coates, with a good old fashioned merry-go-round. We came straight from church.

Picnic #18

June 3. At Grandma and Grandpa's house, eating mac n cheese at the picnic table.

Picnic #19

June 6. At the MN zoo, with Katie and Addy. Brady was at school, but I counted this one, since we met up with others. Great day!

Picnic #20

June 10. At Jensen Lake Park in Eagan. Again, Daddy took the boys after church on a Sunday when I had to work. I was told there were a few pesky bees at this picnic.

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Fun! I love a good picnic! :):)