Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy 30th

This past Friday was Peter's 30th birthday!!
It feels good now that he finally joined me in the land of the 30-somethings :).

Since I threw him a surprise birthday party 2 years ago, and since it was a holiday weekend, we decided to celebrate at home this year.

On Friday morning, Brady and Logan went with me to pick up a special breakfast for Daddy to eat in bed. Then, I picked up Brady from school early (at 11am), picked up Logan from school, and we all headed up to Peter's work for lunch.
We even packed a special birthday cupcake and birthday ice cream.

After lunch, Brady and Logan worked hard on making some birthday cards while Marshall napped.
For dinner we had hobos (a family favorite) and Oreo pie. We also gave Peter a few small gifts.

All in all, it was a small party for a big birthday!!
Thanks to everyone who sent birthday cards, gifts, and Facebook messages. Peter really appreciated them all!

A simple blog post for an extraordinary man. Peter, you mean the world to me and I love you very much!!


Katie said...

I thought I left a comment earlier!!Weird....Anyhow...HAPPY Big 30 to Peter! you have now joined the elite!!!

Sounds like a great bday celebration!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect family celebration. :) Happy 30th to Peter! We are blessed to call you family! :)