Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Last weekend we were puzzled by the weather.
Our plans were to get outside and get some yard work done. We started the day by purchasing a rake, some lawn bags, a pruner, and some weed spray.
Instead, when the weather refused to warm up, so we made a trip to our local thrift store, Shidor. Brady and Logan each decided to buy a puzzle, for a quarter a piece.

Logan's 63 piece Simpsons puzzle (luckily he had no idea who The Simpsons are)

Brady's 100 piece Rugrats puzzle (Brady also had no idea who the Rugrats are:).

Then, come afternoon, Peter and I decided that we wanted a new puzzle too. We drove up to Target and purchased 2 of them!

Within 4 hours, we had completed our first, 1,000 piece puzzle, shown above.

On Sunday, we moved onto our next puzzle; a 2,000 piece one that didn't quite fit onto our card table.

The moral of this post is this:
When the weather is puzzling, gather your family and put together a puzzle.


Katie said...

Awesome!!! You guys are GREAT at puzzles...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE puzzles! Can't wait to pull out on of mine and get started!