Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Very Random

It is spring break around here. That means that I get to have all 3 of my little boys around all of the time. I love it, but it certainly wears me out sometimes too.
Today I would like to just casually share some random things that are on my mind.
Hang on, this could be messy.
- Today we went to the zoo and I got to see the dolphin show for the first time. I also realized today that people spend a LOT of money on expensive strollers. I just wonder if anyone has told them that their babies will not stay babies forever :).
- Last week at the park, Logan approached a group of high school-aged boys playing basketball and asked them "Hey, can we join the game?"

- Brady and Logan both passed swimming lessons a couple weeks ago. We are taking a break from swimming until fall. Brady starts track and field in April, though.
- Peter and I made time last week to watch the movie Courageous. It was a very touching movie, and it was very sweet of Peter to remember that I had wanted to see it. Also, because we had a coupon, it only cost us $0.01!
- I have never had a pedicure, a manicure, a facial, or a make-over. I have never been tanning or had my eye brows waxed. When I get my hair cut or colored, it's because it really needs it, and I go to the cheapest place on earth....the beauty school.
- Peter surprised me last week by buying me a professional massage. I have always wanted one, but had never gone before. It was incredibly relaxing and great to have some "me" time. He also fed the kids dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and was running around having a crazy-good time with the kids when I got home. I really love him!
- Last weekend we went out to browse some of the Parade of Homes. We found a few that we could tolerate living in ;). I love where we are, though, and wish we could stay here forever. We have a pair of ducks that come to the front door and lounge on the deck. We have a lake in the backyard and train tracks right behind the lake. It's awesome here, but it's not ours.

(if you look closely, you can see the train behind the lake. I was standing inside the house when I took this)
- Due to a change of plans, Laura and I are having an unexpected dinner/shopping date tomorrow night. I am so excited! I never buy myself anything (except the jeans I got for $15 in Dec and the shirt I got in FL last Oct). I really don't need many clothes, since I am at home most days, but it's still fun to be able to browse a clothing rack without children trying to hide in it :).
- Brady and Logan are making friends in our new neighborhood. There is a boy who lives next door who is also in 1st grade and he has twin sisters who will start kindergarten in the fall. They have a swing set, a trampoline (with a safety net, of course), and a fenced yard. It's a win-win. Gabe even came over last week to ask if Brady could come out and play (a big first for Brady and for Peter and I).
-Marshall was in for his 2 year check up last week. I love well-check appointments. He currently weighs 23.8 lbs (5.1%) and is 35 in. tall (68%).

- Both Brady and Marshall were sick last week with sinus infections in their eyes and Brady had double ear infections as well. They looked horrible then, but are feeling and looking much better now. Just a few more days of antibiotics to make them perfect again.
-Logan has been dying to have a watch like his big brother. Yesterday he decided to dig into his wallet and make his dream a reality. He is absolutely thrilled to have his own watch, and he's already talking about getting himself a camera like Brady's.
- Marshall has finally learned to feed himself using utensils.
-It's crazy to think that there was snow on the ground just a couple weeks ago.

Today we had our 5th picnic of the year. I am on the fence about whether or not I will be blogging them again this year. Please let me know (via blog comment or e-mail) if you'd like to see them again this year.

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Anonymous said...

These are my favorite kind of blogs! Mish Mash of the stuff going on day to day and awesome cute pics! :) I had a BLAST last night shopping! We definitely need to do that more often.