Thursday, March 15, 2012

Look Who's 2 Today

Happy 2nd Birthday Marshall!
It's hard to believe that my last baby is no longer a baby anymore. The last 2 years zipped by quickly and Marshall is acting older and older with each day.
It's fun to watch him grow and change, but sad to see him get older so fast.

I remember March 15, 2010 very well. With less than 6 hours of labor and little pain, it was my easiest delivery. And, although Marshall came into this world in the wee hours of the morning, I am so pleased that he has only been up during those early hours once in the past 20 months or so!

March 15, 2010.

Last year we celebrated Marshall's first birthday. Remember this post?

March 14. The day before "2".

Here are some of my favorite things about 2 year old Marshall:

- His amazingly funny sense of humor. Marshall is much like Logan in this sense and will laugh at anything and go to any length to make others laugh as well.

- His loves for taking long walks in the stroller.

- I love how Marshall naps routinely everyday and how he always sleeps on his tummy with his bear.

- Marshall loves to do anything and everything that his big brothers are doing. It's adorable!

- I love when he asks for Cheerios while holding a measuring cup that he got out of the drawer by himself.

- Marshall loves to "cook" in the kitchen. His favorite items are my rubber strainer, white plastic spoon, and blue soup pot.

- My most favorite trait about Marshall is that he is a huge Mama's boy. I spend much of the day with him: in my arms, sitting on the counter next to me, playing on the floor near me, or clinging to my legs longing to be held. I love how much he loves me!

Here are some of Marshall's favorite phrases lately:

"Hi Mama"

"Train go by" (taingoby)

"There we go" (darego)

"I want Mama or I want Dada"

Marshall's birthday party is this weekend, so I'll be posting more pictures sometime next week!


Grandpa said...

Happy Birthday Marshall!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Marshall!!!

Radcliffe said...

Happy Birthday Marshall, Marsh ,Marp , Shawn , Sheep. Very handsome fellow!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Marshall! Seems like just yesterday I was pacing the halls at the hospital waiting for news of your arrival! :) We love you so much and you are SO special! :)