Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random Thoughts

Here are a few random thoughts that are going through my head tonight.

* Why does Marshall have to cry before every nap and at bedtime every night? He always falls asleep and always sleeps through the night, so why must he cry first? It's annoying :).

* I have no interest in the Superbowl, but Brady hasn't moved one inch since it started. He's cheering for the Giants tonight, against his Daddy.

* Last night I paged through an Amish cookbook. I was pleasantly surprised by the easy recipes, with simple ingredients (finally a recipe that doesn't call for cumin, which I think is disgusting :).

* After driving 3+ van loads to Goodwill in the past 2 months, I think we have officially gone through every box in the house. All that's left is the garage, which just needs to by tidied up.

* I love Craigslist. I have had so much fun selling the boys' old toys and giving them the money we make. So far, they have made $62 and I still have more to post this week! Peter and I are also selling some of our things and we made $47 just this week.

* I LOVE our new place! I even love doing dishes and laundry here. Also, we still have a free washing machine if you're interested--if not, it's going on Craigslist this week :).

* I have 2 continuing education classes coming up later this month. Although they can be boring at times, I am looking forward to seeing some old friends and having some free food and chocolate.

* Brady's tooth has not fallen out yet. It is barely hanging on, so I would guess it will happen soon, since it has only been loose for a whole year now.

* This guy has had a runny nose and is starting to act more and more like he's about to be 2. Oh no!!


Katie said...

Your boys are so great! Had a blessed time with you today!

Anonymous said...

:) I'm about to do a very similar kind of post. Random thoughts are fun! :):)