Thursday, January 19, 2012

Very Brief Update

Here is my very brief update about what has been going on around here lately. Also, I am sorry, but I have no pictures to post today, as I've been way too busy to even take pictures this week.

Thursday (this past one)- we found out the sale of our house was quickly moving forward again, and surrounded in bank approval and additional fees as well.

Friday- we attended our small group at church and got to listen to a great presentation about parenting our children. It's so much more refreshing to hear about raising Godly kids than to hear about all the other parenting ideas that mean so much less.

Saturday/Sunday- I worked extra hard at my job, while Peter worked extra hard with the boys and with a sick Marshall.

Monday- Luckily it was MLK Day, so my Dad and Peter were off work. They worked hard all day moving the boxes that were already packed (from back in Dec., when we thought we were moving) over to the garage of our new place. Then Peter and Brady went to BSF.

Tuesday/Wednesday- I worked hard on packing more boxes, getting more boxes from Target, and moving a couple loads of boxes to the garage. Then, Peter and I went over to the new place and cleaned it all up, so it's ready for us.

Thursday (today)- I am staying warm at home, catching up on laundry and a little cleaning. We also had our appraisal today. I imagine I'll be back to packing and moving come this afternoon. Brr.

Also, in the midst of our busy week, Logan and I found some special time to make homemade Valentines and do some more painting with his awesome new paints. Marshall has been watching an insane amount of Mickey Mouse (well, actually just the songs, since he could care less about the rest of the show), and Brady and Logan are usually busy playing football with whatever they can safely throw around the house :).

Moving day is Sunday. We have recruited 4 strong friends of Peter's, and a good size truck. We have also recruited some great family to care for our great little ones.

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Anonymous said...

You guys have been busy! :) Sounds like homebuilders was really fun this week! Looking forward to hanging out Saturday and Monday! :)