Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Preview

Happy Halloween!

Since Halloween is certainly not the most important day of the year for our family, we try to keep it rather simple.
But, at the same time, since we love candy and fun...we enjoy the festivities that surround this crazy day.

(Halloween cookies, courtesy of the Farmington Bakery)

This year was no different. Both Logan and Marshall wore costumes from years past (which I paid little to nothing for). Brady's costume was new this year (from a garage sale).

Brady had a party for school last Friday where he got to wear his costume and play lots of fun games. Logan's class party was today. He also got to wear his costume, make some neat crafts and play games. They both loved it!

Do you see Logan?

Last Friday night, we headed over to the middle school, where they had a Halloween Walk. This is held inside and it's a way for local businesses to distribute coupons and advertise their stores. The boys received some candy and lots of other neat things.

Waiting for the Halloween Walk to start.

Then, on Saturday night, Daddy took the big boys up to Rosemount to walk through "The Haunted Trail." Unfortunately, those pictures are on Daddy's phone, which is with him at work today.

I love all of the fun activities that are offered around town for free that are just for kids!

Tonight we will be heading up to Blaine to trick or treat with cousins. This is a newer tradition for our family, and one that we all really enjoy.
Again, Happy Halloween! You have to have fun and eat candy sometimes!!


Anonymous said...

I love the cosutmes! And that adorable puppy had a blast at our place on Halloween night! :)

Katie said...

How cute are these pictures!!!