Saturday, October 15, 2011


Since I've already shared several of our fall pictures, and since Peter is gone tonight at a Hamline reunion, I decided to make a post just for fun.
Tonight I decided to share some of my favorites :).
I hope you enjoy my list and share one of your own for me to read.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorites.

Month: July
Season: Summer
Weather: Sunny & 80-85 degrees
Color: Red
Time of Day: Mid-morning
Holiday: Christmas
Dessert: Cheesecake/Chocolate cake
Pizza: Pepperoni and Green Olives
Bedtime: 11 PM
Wake time: 8 AM
Magazine: Parents
TV show: Gilmore Girls
Outfit: My black stretchy pants and gray Hamline t-shirt.
Relaxation: A hot bath and a back massage.
Book of the Bible: John
State: Minnesota (because of family). Florida (for everything else).
Cereal: Kix
Date Night: Dinner and shopping or a movie
Fast Food: Chipotle
Restaurant: Applebees
Mall: Northtown (so many good memories)
Store: Old Navy
Beach: New Smyrna Beach, FL
Class in school: Math
Smell: Cookies baking
Sound: Children giggling
Tree: Palm
Day of the week: Saturday
Food: Peter's homemade mashed potatoes
Shoes: Flip-Flops
Grocery Store: Super Target
House Temperature: 75 degrees
Drink: Diet Pepsi/Diet Squirt
Candy: Reeses peanut butter cups
Animal: Pig
Hobby: Scrap booking
Flower: Lily
Fruit: Banana

OK, that was too much fun. I could have gone on all night, but my favorite bed time is soon approaching :).

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! That was so much fun to read! I'm going to copy it if you don't mind and do my own post for fun. We'll start a trend! :)