Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quick Updates

Here are a few quick words about what's been going on with our family over the past month or so.

The House:
- We were supposed to know by now if the bank accepted our offer, but since they apparently lost our paperwork, it may be another couple of weeks. I am not in any particular hurry, but we are at risk of losing our potential buyer if this takes too long. Prayers please :-).
- I've done a little research on housing, and if our sale goes through, it looks like it will not be a problem to find a place to stay short-term, without leaving Farmington. This is good, because we like it down here.
-Last weekend, we went looking at model homes in our area. Brady and Logan were so excited at the possibility of having more room to run around and possibly even their own rooms (although they really do like being roommates).

The Boys:
-Yesterday was preschool orientation for Logan. He had a great time finding his locker, meeting his teachers, doing a small craft, and making a new friend. I don't anticipate any sad goodbyes from him next Wednesday morning.
-Yesterday was also open house at Brady's school. He found out that he already knows several kids in his new class, so that makes him much more comfortable. His new classroom is awesome! There are fish, tree frogs, geckos, and hermit crabs in his room, and he has his very own desk that opens right up! He is very excited to eat his lunch at school and have recess outside.
-Marshall will be 18 months old soon and he's playing the part well. He started to run recently, and although his vocabulary is still lacking, he is amazingly able to follow directions and get things--it's so cute! I have 2 goals for Marshall this month: 1) To get him out of the baby carrier once and for all (18 month olds don't belong in baby carriers--not even 22 lb. ones). 2) To wean him from his bedtime bottle. I'm not really sure what I was thinking with this one. Both of my other boys were done with the bottle at 12 months, but for some reason it's really stuck with Marshall. It works so well that it's hard to give up :-). I would also appreciate it if Marshall would stop waking up at 6:45 everyday (that is way too early for me!).

Peter and I:
- Peter will be joining BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) next week. I was first introduced to BSF last spring and I absolutely loved it! I'm not sure if I'll be able to join again this year or not, because of the timing of Logan's preschool. I am excited for Peter, though, since this will be his first bible study!! The study is about Acts, so I think he'll really like it.
- If you've followed my Twitter updates over the past 2 weeks, you've probably seen that our air conditioning has not been working. First the blower fan went out in the furnace, then the AC unit was struck by lightning, then we found out insurance would cover the cost, but we had been given the wrong policy (luckily that was quickly fixed), then we replaced the unit, only to find out this week, that it will not be covered. Frustrating for sure! AC units are not cheap :-).

Looking ahead, fall is going to be great!
Brady and Logan start back up with swimming lessons on Saturday mornings, I was given a few extra shifts at work to help with AC costs, Logan's school is going on an apple orchard field trip, and Florida is only 5 weeks away!!!


Katie said...

Fun update! Great to see you are doing well and I will be praying about the house situation.. Bummer about the air conditioner not being covered....Sometimes its a bummer to be a homeowner...

Anonymous said...

This reminds me I need to update my own blog. :)
Busy time of year, but I'm excited to see how Brady likes full-time school and how Logan likes pre school. They'll do great!!