Thursday, August 11, 2011

Picnics 51-55

It's been a busy last few weeks at our house. I have tons of fun pictures I'd love to share, but no time to get them on the blog. I have been spending my days in the sunshine with my busy little guys, and my evenings catching up on my scrap booking (I am currently behind only 1 year now).
For now, during quiet time, I'd like to at least share our next group of picnics.

Picnic #51

August 3. At Nicollet Commons Park in Burnsville. It was a perfect day for the water. We ate an early lunch and played at the park for 4 hours!

Picnic #52

August 4. At Kelley Park in Apple Valley with Katie and Addy. Another beautiful summer day.

Picnic #53

August 5. At the new athletic complex in southern Apple Valley. Super fun new playground equipment, and only a touch of humidity.

Picnic #54

August 8. At Dakoka Estates Park in Farmington. We met another mom here who also had 3 boys, ages 6, 4, and 6 months--so fun!

Picnic #55

August 9. At Kelley Park once again. This day we met up with some moms from our church. Since it was an oddly chilly morning, my boys opted not to swim, but instead to wear jackets and eat tuna sandwiches and spinach leaves on the sidewalk.

Today we completed #57, so expect more picnic posts before school starts.

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