Friday, July 1, 2011

Picnics 26-30

I know these picnic posts are probably getting really repetitive and boring, but they will continue to show up from time to time. My boys and I love to eat our lunch (and sometimes dinner) outside, and we've had a great time keeping track of how many picnics we can sneak into the summer.

Picnic #26

June 16. At Valley Lake Park in Apple Valley. We went to this park to see the Lakeville Puppet Wagon, and then stayed for lunch, of course. It was a very chilly picnic, but then warmed up quickly. Brady and Logan found mushrooms and baby ducks here.

Picnic #27

June 22. Due to rainy weather, we decided to stay at home for this picnic. Unfortunately, right after the picture was taken, the sprinklers came on and got the best of poor Logie Bear.

Picnic #28

June 24. At Akin Road Elementary School in Farmington. The big boys brought their new basketballs to this school and they both had good luck making baskets! The weather was finally warm, so we stayed here for a very long time.

Picnic #29

June 27. At home. The weather was a bit iffy and so was Logan's stomach. It was a toast and applesauce lunch for him. The boys also had the joy of watching our "for sale" sign go up during this picnic :).

Picnic #30

June 28. At Daisy Knoll Park in Farmington. This park is up on a big hill where you can see many farms. The boys also played a little basketball at this park. Gorgeous day!

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