Thursday, May 5, 2011

Picnics 1-5. A.K.A. Here We Go Again.

If you read my blog at all the past 2 summers, you'll probably remember my love for picnics. Back in 2009, Brady, Logan, and I made a quest to have 20 picnics. We rounded out the season with a grand total of 25!

Then, last year, we were back at it again. Not knowing how picnicking would go with a baby, we decided not to set a number, but just to see how it went. If I remember correctly, we made it to 50 picnics last summer!

So here we are again, and just like last year, I'm not sure how it will go with all 3 boys around all summer. But, we love to have picnics, eat outside, play at different playgrounds, go for long walks...

So hold on and here we go.
Picnic #1

March 28. Shoreview Community Center.
Yes, we are inside, but since we brought our lunches, I decided to count it.

Picnic #2

April 7. In our front yard.
Eating very dry sandwiches on old bread :).

Picnic #3

April 8. Twins home opener day!!
At Tamarack Ridge Park, right by our house.

Picnic #4

April 12. At Empire Township Park aka The Mucky Park.
It was gorgeous outside! We played basketball for a long time after lunch.

Picnic #5

May 4. Lunchables at home in the few moments after bible study and before the school bus came for Brady. Windy, but warm.

More to come...

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Anonymous said...

Let the picnics begin! :):)