Friday, February 18, 2011

Going Back

It's official.
Peter and I are going back to Florida this year.

I first went to Florida in 1995 on a church trip, and Peter first went to Florida in April of 2009 with some good friends, just for the fun of it. We both absolutely LOVED it there!!

So, Peter and I went together in October 2009 and had the time of our lives. Perfect weather, no children (except the one baking in my tummy), and 3 days of bliss. We could hardly wait to go back and we've been talking it about it ever since.

At our resort

We were planning on bringing our oldest boys with us this time, but at their young ages, the flight prices are just too steep, and driving just takes too long. Hopefully in the future we can make it work, though.

New Smyrna Beach

So, a couple nights ago, we booked our next trip to the heavenly resort where we stayed (and where Peter also stayed with his friends) 2 years ago.

Our resort.

And, even though it's still 8 months away, I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!

Dear Florida, we'll see you in October.

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