Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Room 4 Three?

Four and a half years ago when we purchased this house, I had no doubts that it would be plenty large enough for our family for many years to come. After all, we have over 1600 sq. ft., a large yard, a huge loft, 2 bathrooms, and 2 good sized bedrooms. At the time, we had only one child, and he was not quite a year old yet. He had a bedroom all to himself, although we were relatively certain that he would have a sibling soon!

Brady's bedroom in Aug. 2006.

Just over a year after moving to Farmington, our second child joined us. For the first 7 months of his life he slept in our room, but then made a transition to sharing a room with his big brother. It was a very smooth transition and worked well for many years.

Brady's new big boy bed. Jan. 2008.

Brady and Logan sharing a room for the first time. Jan. 2008.

Brady and Logan continued to share a room with the set-up in the picture above until May 2010, when Logan transitioned from his crib to a bed.

New room. May 2010.

Our third addition (thankfully another boy) was welcomed to our family almost a year ago. He has been rooming in our walk-in closet for the past 10 months, but is soon getting ready to make the transition to sleeping in the same room as his brothers. This could be interesting!

In case you've been wondering, this is sort of how Marshall's room in our closet has looked. A few thing have changed since this picture, but this is the basic idea.

Brady and Logan's beds, bunked to add space to the room.

Marshall's new big boy crib, all set up and ready for him.

The new room, once again, now ready for all 3 boys!

Whew! I know that was a lot to keep up with, but so is having 3 little boys!


Grandpa said...

Who painted the room and put up the border? They must be very talented:)

I hope the neighbors bedroom is not on the other side of the wall!

I bet there's going to be some stories to tell:)

Molly said...

Yes, someone very talented did indeed paint and wallpaper the room :).
And yes, the neighbors are on the other side of the wall, but luckily they have a little boy who's Marshall's age too, and it's his room on the other side.
Stories will follow for sure. Hopefully nothing that brings us to the ER.

Anonymous said...

:) Even reading you guys' comments made me laugh!
I love the "story-by-picture".
The room looks good. I couldn't picture all 3 in there, but it looks like it just might work! :)