Monday, December 13, 2010

The Scoop

Here's the Kuznia scoop....

+ I realize that I have not posted many blogs lately. This does not mean that I have nothing to share, but rather that I have so much to share and no time to share it.

+ We have been busy.

+ Brady has been playing basketball on Monday nights. He LOVES it!! Auntie Laura, Uncle Jason, and Grandpa have come to watch him play. He is improving every week and he scored his first points in tonight's game. It has been so fun to watch him grow as a basketball player and to see him really care about the sport.

+ Brady is doing outstanding in Kindergarten, according to his teacher. He has started reading and he's a whiz at math. Last Friday, I got to go to his school to help him build a gingerbread house.

+ Logan is excited for preschool next year and even more excited to ride the bus when he turns 5.

+Logan continues to be my great helper, great napper, and great comedian. His favorite song of the holiday season is "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas."

+ Both Brady and Logan love the near 20 inches of snow we got last weekend. Mommy and Daddy are not so excited about it and have been wondering why we still live in MN :).

+ Marshall is crawling!! He can get anywhere he wants in the house now, so it's definitely time to baby proof once again.

+ Marshall is also sitting (with some help to get up still), eating "crunchy" foods, and waving like crazy. Although he hasn't spoken his first words just yet, he lights up when we say "dada" to him.

+ Brady has his first loose tooth, and Marshall is still showing no signs of a first tooth.

+ Peter shopped until he dropped yesterday and managed to complete our Christmas shopping.

+ My birthday is coming up on Saturday, and Peter and I are hoping to get out of the house for a bit in the evening to celebrate. I'm not sure what our plans will be yet, but just a night out is always great!

+ We are looking forward to our many Christmas celebrations this season while trying hard not to get overwhelmed. On the 24th we are hosting Christmas with my parents and Laura and Jason , on the 25th we'll be heading up to Blaine to see Peter's mom, step-dad, and sister's family, and on the 26th we'll be hosting again with Peter's dad and his brother Mark. We are also hoping to do our own family celebration on the 23rd. What a busy time of year!

+ Peter is on-call for work this week, but we are looking forward to his week+ off around Christmas.

That's the Kuznia scoop for now.

Our family has been sick. All 5 of us. It started with Peter about 3 weeks ago, then Brady 2 weeks ago, then Logan and Marshall last week, and then myself this week. The big boys are feeling much better, except for some runny noses and coughs, but Marshall is still feeling pretty crummy and so are Peter and I. I sure can't wait for this cold to be over and I'm sure glad we all had our flu shots this season--it could definitely be worse, especially for little Marshall.

On Wednesday Marshall we be 9 months old already and we'll also be heading to the doctor to get his new stats. I can't wait to share them.


Anonymous said...

Phew! Makes me tired just reading it! :):)

That's awesome that Brady scored in his game last night. Wish we could have seen it. And I LOVE listening to Bear sing Holly Jolly Christmas! So cute!!

Looking forward to our 24th celebration!!

Katie said...

FUN FUN~ Sometimes its fun to be busy and be doing so much. Glad the boys are having a great month!