Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Logan's Surgery

Last Thursday Logan had surgery in St. Paul, at the Richie Day Surgery Center, across from Children's Hospital.

Peter and I were very thankful that we were both able to be there and that Grandpa was able to be at our house with Brady and Marshall.

Logan had to have his circumcision re-done. Apparently the first one that was done, when he was 2 days old, was not done adequately. Then, due to his chubby size as a baby, some adhesion had formed in that area as well. During the surgery last week, the doctor was able to fix everything up to make Logan 'good as new'.

Before surgery--playing with some toys. Logan's current favorites are school buses, elephants, campers, and penguins :).

After a longer than expected surgery (it was supposed to take 30 min. and ended up taking 75 min. due to some unknown complications), we were finally able to see our precious little bear.
Here is Logan straight from the recovery room.

Poor Logan was feeling very nauseous here.

About 5 hours after arrival we were able to head home. Logan got to have a ride in this nifty wagon, wearing his brand new Toy Story pajamas.

Logan did an awesome job throughout the surgery and has not yet complained about any pain associated with the procedure! We are all so thankful to have this behind us--just a couple more weeks until he heals completely!


Jason said...

Logan is a tought man!

Look at those Wild boys!! Nice!

Molly said...

I thought you'd like that :)

Katie said...

YEAH LOGAN!!! Such a brave boy!

Anonymous said...

We are SO proud of Logan!
And I love the Wild pic too!! :)