Monday, September 27, 2010

Marshall's Growing

A couple weeks ago Marshall turned 6 months old!

Here are his stats from his 6 month check up:
Weight: 15lbs. 12oz., 20th percentile
Length: 26.75in., 60th percentile
Head: 17.25in, 50th percentile

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but a couple of months ago, Marshall was seen by an Orthotist to be assessed for his head shape. We were hoping that he would not need a helmet, as Logan had, but we felt that his head shape seemed a bit off. When Marshall was in his first couple weeks of life, he had a tendency to turn his head only to the right, causing his head to be a bit flatter on that side. At that appointment, we were told that Marshall's head measured at 6.5 and that a measurement of 8 or greater was criteria for needing a helmet. We were told that he did not need a helmet, but the doctor wanted to reassess in a month. So, a couple weeks ago, we went back to the Orthotist and Marshall's head was measured once again. Luckily, this time he measured at a 5.9 and we were told that his head will just get better from here and he will not need to wear a helmet. Praise God!!

Marshall is growing and changing everyday.
He rolls over in both directions all the time now, and he has even started to work on "creeping" around on his tummy a bit.
He hasn't showed much interest in trying to sit up yet, and we haven't seen evidence of any teeth breaking through yet, but I think they're coming soon. Marshall has been doing a lot of chewing on his little hands lately.

First taste of food from a spoon.

Oh, and Marshall LOVES his Daddy!
See here for yourself.

Marshall's favorite place to fall asleep in the evenings--in Daddy's arms.


Anonymous said...

That is SO precious how he falls asleep in Daddy's arms. :)

Katie said...

Love that last picture of Marsh and Peter... So adorable.