Friday, August 20, 2010


Peter learned to fish when he was young and he's always wanted to teach his boys to fish too.
So, for Brady's birthday this year, he received a Toy Story fishing pole from his Nana and Papa.

During Peter's vacation from work this week, we headed up to Auntie Laura and Uncle Darron's house to fish off of their new dock.
Brady enjoyed fishing with his cousins, Morgan and Dylan, while Logan enjoyed going for a paddle boat ride with Auntie Laura and Raegan.

Brady proudly caught 2 fish, with Daddy's help.
Enjoy the pictures.

Getting ready

Logan and Raegan ready for a boat ride.

Coming back from the ride.

Happy fisherman.

First fish ever!! Brady was so proud.

Look at that catch!
Brady had a blast and we're hoping we can get back out again before the summer's up.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Beederman! Your first fish!

Katie said...