Sunday, July 18, 2010


Our family has been mighty busy this summer. Busy just enjoying this wonderful summer we've been having.
Here are a few updates I have for today.

First of all, Marshall was at the doctor last week for his 4 month check up.
Here are his current stats:
Weight: 14 lbs. 8 oz., which is the 50% for boys.
Height: 26 inches, which is the 90% for boys.
Marshall is happy, healthy, and doing great! He's been sleeping like a baby, so to speak...
Marshall likes to sleep from 9pm until 7am, and then from about 7:15am until 10-11am. Then, he just can hardly wait until nap time around 2-3pm! What a good little sleeper!

Logan is continuing to make good progress toward potty training, but I am doubtful that he'll be completely trained before he turns 3 1/2. He's a very independent child and prefers to do things in his own timing.
Logan has also been working hard at learning how to pedal his tricycle. He's really starting to get the hang of it and he can't wait to ride to the park soon.

Brady is having a fantastic time playing t-ball this summer. He had his first game this past week and he hit a ball into the outfield! Daddy managed to capture most of the game on video, so that should be fun for Brady to watch when he gets older.
We have also been thinking a little about swimming lessons for our now 5 year old.....kind of scary for me :).

As for Peter and I, we are looking forward to the week of August 16-20. That is the week that Peter chose for his vacation from work this year. I'm not exactly sure what our plans will be just yet, but I'm looking forward to some quality time with my family that week.

We're coming off a busy weekend right now, but I'm hoping to get some more pics up next week.

We had a great time this weekend with friends and family.
On Saturday, we invited Peter's good friend from high school and his family down to our place. We grilled, watched the kids swim in the kiddie pools, and ate ice cream.
Then, today, we made an impromptu trip up to Blaine to see Peter's sister and her family. Brady and Logan enjoyed a warm day with their cousins. They played in the kiddie pool, went down the big water slide, and went for a few paddle boat rides on the lake. What a fun day!

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Sounds like a fun, busy week!