Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Jobs

I have two jobs.
I love both of them.

My full time job is at home.
I have been privileged enough to be able to be a stay at home mommy to 3 beautiful boys. I am so thankful that Peter has been able to work hard for our family and allow me this awesome responsibility. I always wanted to be able to stay at home with my children, but I never thought it would actually happen. Thank you Peter for working so hard for our family everyday. We love you and deeply appreciate all your hard work!!
This job is a tough one in many ways.
I spend much of my day breaking up fights, cleaning up toys, changing diapers, making tiny sandwiches, laundering wet underpants, buckling and unbuckling car seats, reading the same books over and over again, and making up silly songs about everything we're doing just to keep my sanity.
But, this job is a great one in many ways too.
I am in charge. We can stay at home or we can go out, we can walk to the library, the grocery store, the park, or to Dairy Queen. We can stay in our pj's all day if we want, or we can get dressed and bathed in the afternoon. I am very rarely up before 8am and I am rarely dressed before 10am. I have time to clean our house, pay our bills, and make our meals. I also have time to teach our children--about reading, math, manners, potty training, shoe tying, and most importantly, about God. I give hundreds of hugs and kisses everyday!!
And best of all....I get to spend everyday with the people I love family.

My part time job is in Bloomington.
I am a Physical Therapist Assistant. I have been working in the therapy field for 9 years now and I love it!
I get to work at a gorgeous facility. It was built only 5 years ago and it's just absolutely beautiful.
I love this job for many reasons.
I get to work hours that are convenient for our family (one weekend a month), and I actually get paid more to work at these times--what a deal! I get to help my patients gain strength, balance, and independence so they can return to their homes. I also get to work with a great group of therapists.
I am so glad that I chose to go into this field 12 years ago. Physical therapists are in high demand right now. In fact, I just got a post card in the mail last week with a job opening in the metro area. It is a flexible type of work that I can do on an on-call, part time or full time basis, the pay is great, and there are numerous facilities that employ PTA's in the metro.
I will more than likely begin to work a little more frequently once Marshall starts school (luckily that won't be for awhile yet). My plan is to work 1-2 days a week, so that I can still be available for my children each day, have time to care for our house, and still be able to contribute to our finances. We aren't going to fit into this townhouse forever, after all :).

I also wanted to say that when I am at work, Peter is at home with the kiddos--all by himself. He has been taking care of our children one weekend a month since I went back to work in mid 2006. Back then it was just a 1 year old Brady, but now he's handling all 3 of them like a pro! Peter is a great daddy to his boys and they look so forward to their weekends together.


Anonymous said...

Plus, if you weren't at home, who would make up the rules? ;) Brady is so cute!

Your kids are lucky. They have two parents who would give the world to them......not many kids can say that today.

Katie said...

I would say the mom job is by far the best!!! Wouldn't you?!!! haha

I love being home...As I speak Addy is waking up from her nap.. Duty calls...

Hope we get together again soon.

Molly said...

Yes, I definitely agree that my job as Mommy is the most important and most rewarding.
Yes, we do need to get together again soon.