Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Past 3 Years

Yesterday was Logan's 3rd birthday! Wow, time is flying by once again.

It feels like it was literally yesterday that I was 38 weeks pregnant and anticipating being induced. I went into the hospital at 7am that morning and Logan was here by 2:26pm. A little guy he was, weighing only 7lbs.

June 17, 2007--the day before Logan was born. Due date=July 2.

In the hospital.

Just the same as I did with Brady, I have taken pictures of Logan each year on his actual birthday. Here they are.

June 18, 2008. 1 Year Old.

June 18, 2009. 2 Years Old.

June 18, 2010. 3 Years Old.

My little boys are sure growing up fast!
It's hard to believe that next year Logan will be starting preschool! I am looking forward to this next year, though, of just being at home with him all of the time again. Being a middle child, Logan often gets lost in the mix of things--not intentionally of course, by still.
He is good at making his voice be heard, however, and I am anxious to watch him become a 3 year old.

Happy Birthday Logan! Mommy and Daddy love you very much.

Last night Logan watched the movie Up for the first time with Mommy and Daddy, while eating some popcorn. He sat through almost the entire movie and really enjoyed it. On Monday, Daddy will be taking Logan out to Chuck E. Cheese, just like Brady got to do last Monday for his birthday. This is a tradition that was started by my Daddy when I was a little girl :). I will hopefully blog more about that soon.

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Honestly! Where does the time go?