Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bed Time

Bedtime at our house has changed....for all of us.

Brady and Logan are still heading to bed at 7pm, but with Logan's new big boy bed, they haven't always been asleep until closer to 8pm. Logan is, however, staying put in his bed through the night :). Their normal wake up time is generally between 7-7:30, with an occasional earlier day.

Marshall is now sleeping even better too! He goes to bed at 9pm, like clockwork. For the past 5 nights in a row now, he's been sleeping until 6am, and then going back down until 9-10am. He's also been an excellent napper in the days, going down awake each time. I'm feel so blessed to have such a mellow and mild mannered baby.

Peter and I are also getting more sleep these days.
I have been heading to bed between 10-11pm, and then of course sleeping until the boys need me, which is usually not until at least 8-9am. I can deal with this kind of schedule!
Peter has been doing a lot of his work from home in the evenings, since they are so busy at his job right now, but he has been catching extra sleep too. Ever since he's cut down on his computer game time, he's been coming to bed a little earlier, and like always, he doesn't have to get up too early for work.

All 3 boys in matching pjs. Excuse Logan's expression, he was in the middle of saying something.

Daddy reading a bedtime story to his boys.

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Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures!!!! I love the one where Marhsy is staring up at Peter - precious!