Monday, April 26, 2010


I just wanted to pop into my blog and say that I have not completely abandoned it--I'm just busy, busy, busy!

I am busy these days just being a mommy to 3 precious boys and a wife to 1 great guy. That's about all I can handle these days, and it doesn't leave me much time for blogging.

I will be back, though, I promise. I'm just not sure exactly when.

For now, I am potty training Logan, and I am not the kind of person that likes to potty train for months on end. I like to devote a couple weeks to it and just go hard core. So far Logan is making excellent progress and I'm convinced this won't take months, or even weeks, perhaps.

I am also working on setting a semi-permanent nap/sleep schedule for Marshall. He has been an excellent sleeper, but I would like a little more structure in our daily routines. I would also like to have fewer 4-5am mornings (although most are not like this).

As for Brady, we are working hard to finish up his kindergarten workbook before summer. He is doing so well and just learned to count by twos and by fives this weekend! He is also working hard with Daddy to get ready for his first sport this summer-tee ball :).

There's the scoop.
Now I need to get back to potty training, house tidying, "school" for Logan, diaper changing for Marshall, and then to pick up Brady from preschool.
Oh, and I also head back to work on Saturday. I am sad to return already, but I'm anxious to be of assistance to our finances too.

Summer is coming and we can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Busy, busy bee! :)

RadleyAlexander said...

Caring for a newborn, teaching a 2 yr old to potty train, schooling an inquisitive 4 yr old. Feedings, changing diapers , laundry , cooking , cleaning , burping , rocking , entertaining , referee for feuding brothers , etc.
And you are worried about blogging?! I would be lucky to dress and feed myself with all that going on. But Mom's are special like that!

Katie said...

You are a great mom. Thanks for your advice and encouragement yesterday.

Emily said...

Holy schmuckers you are busy ~!!