Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm back

Wow, I can't believe it's already been a whole week since I last blogged!
I have been so sick. I am tired of being sick and tired of being tired too.
I think this cold is finally wrapping up, but let's just keep praying that it will end soon.

So here's the scoop lately:

Tomorrow marks week 36 of my pregnancy! I do have updated belly pictures to share, but it might take me a day or so to actually get them on here....sorry.
We are in full "baby prep" mode around here. The crib is finally up, the baby clothes are all washed and ready to be worn, and we now have a third baby book to be written in.
I also spent a little time today confirming that our infant car seat is still recall-free and safe to use....all checked out well.
This Thursday I'll be heading up for my 36 week appointment, and then I'll be going back weekly from here on out.
I can't imagine that I'll still be pregnant 4 weeks from today, but who knows? I'll keep you posted on the info from the doctor as I get it.

We just finished a great weekend! Seriously, I can't remember a more relaxing and fun weekend that was so completely unplanned as of Friday afternoon.
Friday evening we spontaneously invited Laura and Jason down for some pizza and a game of Risk (which is not fun to play with only 2). We haven't done anything like this in years...I think since 1999 actually. Peter ended up defeating us all, but had a great time trying to beat him and munching on jelly beans at the same time :).
Then, on Saturday, we spontaneously invited my parents over for dinner. We grilled up some hamburgers for the first time this season and had a great evening of chatting and playing with the boys. They also delivered the "Bunjamin box." It has been a tradition that when a new baby is on the way, my parents make up a box of baby things to give to them. Bunjamin was no exception.
Then, to wrap up the weekend, on Sunday we went up to Blaine to celebrate our niece Morgan's 11th birthday. She is very into the American Girl Doll scene this year, so that was a bit of a theme for the evening. We had a fun night of eating sloppy joes, watching Morgan open gifts, watching a magic show, and letting the boys run crazy with their only cousins. We also got to see Peter's mom and step-dad, who we don't see often enough.

This week is looking to be a normal week for us, finally.
Peter will be working all 5 days this week, which hasn't happened in about 3 weeks now. He is also back to his running routine as of today.
My plans for the week pretty much consist of getting my house clean, getting all the baby "stuff" in order, working on my bible study, and getting outside with the boys as much as possible.

I am so excited for spring this year!!

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Yeah! Bunj has a box. :)