Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcoming the New Year

It's officially here. Happy 2010!

I'm not usually one to make too many new years resolutions that I can't accomplish, so for this year, I have just a few.

* I'd like to stop running late for everything we do. We tend to push our time limits for getting out the door for preschool, church, and basically any place we need to be at a certain time (especially if it's in the morning).
* Secondly, I am planning on being more consistent with meal preparations. Lately I have been pushing off making dinner plans until about 5pm, leaving me with very few options. This year I am planning to make more homemade meals, with more thought and preparations.
* Last, but certainly not least, I am planning on spending more time with God. I am starting off by joining another bible study this month. Our newest bible study is about the Fruit of the Spirit and it begins this week. I am so excited! I may take a short break when the baby is born, but I am planning on getting right back into the swing of bible study this summer or fall at the latest.

This past year has been another great one, and I am looking forward to so many great things in the year to come.

In 2010, I am looking forward to:
- Fresh paint on our walls
- Our big family weekend in Duluth in Feb.
- Some changes at my job including paperless documentation. Yay!
- The birth of our 3rd son (obviously) and the birth of Katie and Ben's daughter--probably both in March.
- I am also looking forward to some much warmer weather this spring/summer.

I'm sure there is a ton more to be looking forward to in the coming year, but until the baby is here, it's kind of hard to see any farther into the future :).

Since I am typing this from my "new" laptop (thanks, Laura), I don't have my pictures at hand, but I am planning to get up my new belly pics from the weekend later this week.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the laptop! :)
As much as I love winter I have to's too friggin cold out today!!!! It was -13 on the Dodge of Blaine sign when we left this morning.
The Farmers Almanac says it's supposed to be a nice balmy spring and warm summer, so something to look forward to. ;)