Sunday, December 20, 2009

The First Weekend of Christmas

Well, tonight officially wraps up the first weekend of Christmas fun.

On Friday night we celebrated my birthday (which often also counts as "Christmas" fun). Peter and I went out alone! We ate at Red Robin (my free meal), and then we went next door to the theater to see Blind Side (which was also free!). Blind Side was a GREAT movie and I was very thankful for the recommendation to see it. Thanks, Katie!
Our free babysitter, Uncle Mark, also had a successful night with boys and even managed to get them both to bed by 7.

Saturday was relaxing--that doesn't often happen this time of year. We all slept in and then we let the boys jump in our bed and watch Saturday morning cartoons for awhile. Brady helped me prepare cookie trays for Sunday and he also played cards with Daddy. Then, when Logan woke up from his nap, we all headed out to look at Christmas lights, eat dinner out, and finish up some last-minute Christmas shopping. We were back home just in time for an 8pm bedtime.

Today was Ginn family Christmas. I always look forward to spending time with this side of the family and today was no different. We had a great afternoon of eating pizza, veggies and cookies. The girls got to chat while the guys played basketball, and the boys had fun playing in the gym, eating too many cookies, and just being little boys.
It was a nice change having this Christmas a little early this year. It gave us a lot more time to spend together, a larger area to spread out in, and it also helped to free up some time during the busy week of Christmas coming up.

Back to reality for now. Peter has to work Mon-Wed this week and then he'll be off until Jan. 4. I can't wait! Brady is also on break from school until Jan. 4, so we will not be heading out to preschool in the morning as usual. The plan for this week is basically to wrap some gifts, bake some food for Christmas, clean out my messy closet, and replace some dead batteries in some of our toys. Some might say that this sounds a lot better than working full time, and I would have to whole-heartedly agree! I just love being at home everyday with my boys.

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Anonymous said...

Can we switch plans for this week? I don't want to work Tues and Wed. ;)
We had a blast yesterday!!